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Kotobuki Ran

That's an iron clad rule for GALS!

14 August 1990
Building 8
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Used for polychromatic, not a real jorunal.
Kotobuki Ran is from GALS!
lulutiffany is the mun.
LJ layout found here thefulcrum

Name: Kotobuki Ran
Age: 17
Bday: August 14th, 1984 (made this up since it's not stated in canon)
Height: 4 foot 11 inches (5 foot 4 1/2 inches with shoes)
Weight: would you really ask? (tinny little person X3)
Eye color: brown
Hair color: orangeish, yellow with red streak (naturally black)
Favorite colors: orange and yellow
Favorite food: fried chicken (japan style)
Favorite flower: hibiscus
Favorite TV show: Purple Panther X
more if i think about it~ ♥

Character History Before The City:
Ran has always been a hyperactive and self-centered girl. Her family has a long history of being in the police force. This fact has always been pushed onto Ran by her dad. When Ran was small she was excited about it. She used to wake up early every morning and train to become the best cop she could be. While she was doing this she was also getting into the GAL life style. At some point when she was in lower school she found out that she couldn’t be a GAL and still be a police officer. She casually said that her sister Sayo could be the next cop in the family and stopped training and then dove head first into the GAL life style.

Ran is the self-named number one GAL of Shibuya. She is constantly fighting for that title. She is never mean about it however. She just always wins whatever GAL challenge she is given. The only one that stands out as any real threat to her title is Mami Honda. The two of them are constantly fighting, even after they become friends they make everything they do into a challenge.

As the story goes on Ran gains followers and starts the Shibuya club. She has a lot of girls that look up to her. This is not always a good thing. Some times the girls cause trouble when they pick on others or spread rumors. Ran does not condone that behavior and always fixes the problem. She believes that everyone deserves a chance and that no one should be treated badly. She has a strong sense of justice and will stand up for anyone that needs her help. She is not afraid to stand up to anyone, even if that means the person is a teacher.

Ran has never been good at school and gets by on “miracles”. That is, she waits until two or three weeks before her big final test and crams everything in, passing every time. This does not always go over well with her teachers since she never does her homework and always makes up very long and fanciful stories about why she didn’t do it. Ran makes deals with her teachers sometimes so that they don’t tell her parents. These can range from making sure they win the school sports festival to changing her hair. When her parents do find out, Ran gets a “giant swing” from her father; which is to say that he hold her by her ankles and swings her in circles.

Ran will never let anything get her down for long. Though when she is upset it is best to stay out of her way. She lashes out at others when that happens. Ran’s temper is legendary. She will also hit any guy that tries to touch her, even her own boy friend. She does not like touchy feely things. She likes her boy friend, but we only see him get a kiss from her as the end of the series, and that is on the cheek. Love isn’t what she cares about right now; it’s having the most fun out of life.

Ran gets asked to be in adult movies or go on subsidized dates a lot when she is alone. If someone talks to her like she is an object and not a person, then she will just hit them. She has no tolerance for perverts and won’t even give them the time of day. One of her friends pointed out that the guys wouldn’t act like they do if Ran didn’t dress so provocative. Ran says that she would never date a guy if they only liked her because of how she looks. She loves the way she dresses and won’t change for anyone. There is a plus to the way that she dresses and acts. She has a lot of guys that are willing to do anything for her. She takes advantage of this by getting free things when she is still single. When she has a boyfriend in the story she stops taking the free gifts.

Ran is always poor because as a GAL she is always using her money to buy the latest cloths or have fun with her friends. She is very thrifty about what she buys, but she can never hold on to her money for long. When there is something that she really wants then she gets a part time job. With her bleached hair it’s hard for her to get a job, but she does her best anyway. She has a ton of part time jobs throughout the story and always tries her best at them.

Abilities/Special Powers:
Human. Very good at dodge ball, very fast, very flexible, able to balance on almost anything, can win eating contests, a pro at Para-para and an expert at nails, hair, makeup, skin care, and fashion.
being number one gal!!